Trylon has been supplying innovative, cell site steel infrastructure, as well as site acquisition, engineering services, installation and technical services for wireless networks since the introduction of cellular technology in the early 1980s. As technology has evolved, we’ve continued to facilitate its expansion and accessibility, more recently with internet broadband, LTE and small-cell installations.

Since opening for business in Elverson, Pennsylvania close to 100 years ago, Trylon has been a significant stakeholder within the telecommunications industry. Trylon can attribute its longevity to a strong culture of continuous improvement which has driven value for our customers for decades

Trylon offers experience acquiring, permitting, designing, analyzing, inspecting and manufacturing steel structures. Our team of professionals are licensed in all jurisdictions in North America. Trylon maintains active participation in industry associations and standards committees.

Trylon’s extensive local market knowledge and established key relationships streamline the process of site identification, leasing, zoning, environmental, and permitting, allowing us to expedite turn-key site acquisitions on time and within budget.