1932 – Trylon TSF’s original founding company begins operations. Then known as The Wind
Turbine Company, it specialized in fabrication of wind-powered electric generators, along
with the necessary support towers.

1942 – World War II forces the company’s products to evolve. Support towers used for wind
turbines are redesigned to support wireless radio communication antennas for the United
States Signal Corp.

1945 – By war’s end, the company fabricated more sophisticated towers under the trade name
“TRYLON”, derived from the words “triangular pylon”.

1954 – A Canadian subsidiary is formed and begins operations out of a facility in Waterloo,
Ontario, Canada.

1975 – Trylon begins manufacturing its own line of Fall Protection Systems, both Cable & Rail.

  • 1995 – Trylon acquires “Telecommunication Sans Fils” (TSF) of Montreal, Quebec.
    This acquisition enables Trylon to offer customers:
  • Turn-key, site construction services
  • Years of international construction experience
  • Electronics system design
  • Installation & system integration testing of transmission lines/antennas
    The amalgamated name “Trylon TSF” is born.

1996 – Trylon TSF enters into a reseller alliance with Andrew Corporation, a manufacturer of
coaxial cable, elliptical waveguide, microwave & base station antennas and other
products. Trylon TSF joins NATE.

1997 – Trylon TSF establishes its first international subsidiary in Cyprus. Additional international
subsidiaries exist today in Romania, Belgium, El Salvador, UK, Honduras, Trinidad,
Guatemala, USA (Delaware), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, St. Luca, Egypt and Jamaica. Over
the years, international projects are completed in over 30 countries.
1998 – All manufacturing operations are consolidated into the current Elmira, Ontario facility. This new complex was specifically designed for the fabrication of tower structures.

1999 – Trylon TSF is ISO 9001 Registered separately for both its Manufacturing process and
Service business, providing customers an extra level of assurance in Trylon’s quality. In
the same year, market growth in the U.S. is driven by the “build-to-suit” industry
phenomenon, a market Trylon TSF serves extremely well.

2000 – Trylon’s parent company acquires a position in MLL, a UK Firm providing site-to-site
microwave services. MLL not only gives Trylon a foothold in Europe, but also puts them in
the carrier business.

2001 – Trylon introduces a new era of sophisticated manufacturing equipment, which provides for
enhanced production efficiencies. The latest, state of the art equipment ensures continued
growth and increased production capacity over the next decade.

2002 – Trylon TSF has expanded its positions in South America with major projects and
subsidiaries in Costa Rica, St. Lucia and Nicaragua.

2003 – Trylon TSF starts multi-site project in Afghanistan using Canadian made towers and our
staff from Romania.

2004 – Launch of Trylon TSF Trinidad as new Telecom licenses awarded to Digicel and LaqTel.

2005 – Work starts again in Haiti to provide 100 self support tower sites for new Licensee,

2006 – Added our third automated angle fabrication machine and reorganized the Factory
maximizing efficiency and improving work flow.

2008 – Trylon TSF India started and manufacturing starts in India to service Asia Pacific demand
for towers. 60 degree angle leg tower tested full scale at SERC in India to validate North
America engineering. Guyed towers introduced to customers in India. Mobile Engineering
teams started in Canada: Inspections, antenna and line audits and associated analysis,
roof top design and measure up and information gathering.

2009 – Trylon TSF Canada and EMEA embark on multi site projects adding 3 and 3.5G
equipment to existing tower and roof top infrastructure. Projects include equipment swaps,
tower analysis and reinforcing.

2010 – Diversification into Electrical Transmission towers and related sub station structures for
Hydro One in Canada. Angle Fabrication machines in Canada upgraded with new part
numbering hardware added. Key Account Manager added in Hong Kong to service Asia
Pacific demand as well as key account management for customers based in China

2013 – Trylon launches its Engineering Services division, which specializes in 5G/small cell, structural engineering, tower, pole, design, field services and more.

2014 – Trylon launches its engineering services in the United Kingdom and also received its C.E certification meaning that all products meet E.U safety standard.

2015 – Trylon launches its Engineering Services in the United States and STAC was founded.

2017 – Trylon launches its Inspections division.

2019 – Trylon receives AT&T Inc. TARP approval, meaning Trylon TSF is certified to conduct engineering services for the company.

2020 – Trylon launches Site Development Services.

2021 – Trylon launches Site360 drone flight site scans