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The unique, three–pole structure makes it easy to blend telecommunications equipment into the urban landscape. Tri–poles often do double–duty as signs at commercial and public facilities.

Shrouded Tri-Pole

The shrouded Tri–pole structure is designed for use where aesthetics are important. As the antennas in this structure are hidden behind the shroud material, it is ideal for high–density urban sites. The Tri–pole ranges in height from 24.4m to 50.3m (80 to 165 feet) and has a triangular face.

Lattice Tri-Pole

The Lattice Tri–pole ranges in height from 29m to 69.5m (95 to 228 feet) and is ideal for high–density sites. It has a triangular face and antennas can be located at any elevation on the structure. It can accommodate multiple panel and dish antennas.