Construction & Installation

Communication tower installation and construction

Trylon has built tens of thousands of structures around the world and installed telecommunications networks in more than 30 countries.

Our experienced project managers and field teams are among the best in the industry, using advanced project management techniques to ensure on–time and on–budget delivery.

Our end–to–end solution includes:

  • foundation construction

  • tower erection

  • rooftop construction/installation

  • equipment installation, e.g lines, microwave dishes, radios and antennas

  • project management

As an organization, we're committed to using best–in–class standard operating procedures to ensure the highest quality workmanship and safety, even when conditions and requirements are changing.

We know that our customers want to be able to track the progress of their work so our cloud–based, on–demand project reporting enables you to check on the status every step along the way.

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