Engineering Services

Engineering Services

The team at Trylon Engineering Services offers over 100 years of experience designing, analyzing, inspecting and auditing steel structures for clients in a number of industries including telecommunications and hydro transmission. Our team of professional structural engineers are licensed in all jurisdictions in Canada and the United States and Trylon maintains active participation on the CSA S37 committee.

When you choose Trylon Engineering Services, we work with you to create customizable solutions by ensuring you have a team with extensive experience managing all aspects of your projects. That’s what ensures your projects are on schedule, within budget and adhere to industry standards.


Trylon Engineering Services audits steel structures to validate existing appurtenances, transmission line locations, compound layout and the general state of the structure and its components. Certified riggers perform all field work and all written reports are verified by Professional Engineers.

Sample - Climb Audit - Guyed Tower


When you’re planning an upgrade or change in loading to existing steel infrastructure, contact Trylon Engineering Services. Our engineering team uses advanced customized software to model and analyze towers and supporting foundations to determine structural integrity.

Sample - Analysis Report - Guyed Tower

Sample - Analysis Report - Monopole


Trylon Engineering Services transforms analytical engineering work to customized drawings which consider manufacturability and installation. Trylon Engineering Services designs for standard parts in an effort to reduce your initial and future costs. We offer tower drawing packages regardless of the manufacturer. Trylon can provide mapping services if you are missing drawings for existing infrastructure.

Sample - Flagpole Drawing

Sample - Light Standard Pole Drawing


Maintenance Inspection
Trylon Engineering Services offers maintenance inspection services to determine the condition of your structure and ensure you are compliant with CSA S37 standards. All site visits are followed up with detailed reports highlighting non-conformance items, which can be corrected at the time of inspection reducing your overall costs.

Post Installation Inspection
Trylon Engineering Services also provides post tower installation inspections to ensure your end product matches the approved design.

Foundation Inspection
Trylon Engineering Services offers foundation inspection services that will validate that the foundation installation meets the design standard.

Sample - Foundation Inspection

Please contact Trylon directly at 1–519–669–5421 or email us at for Engineering Service related inquiries.

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