Wireless Networks

Wireless networks

Trylon has been supplying innovative, custom–designed towers, as well as installation and technical services for wireless networks since the introduction of cellular technology in the early 1980s.

As technology has evolved, we've continued to facilitate its expansion and accessibility, more recently with internet broadband, LTE and in–building systems.

Our engineers are world–leaders in designing wireless and wired networks and our field service team is skilled in the implementation of all the latest wireless and microwave technologies, as well as performing equipment migration swaps.

We have installed tens of thousands of structures around the world, in all types of terrain and always maintaining a tremendous safety record. Trylon has delivered total turnkey wireless installations in locations as varied as Sudan, Afghanistan, Belgium, the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the plains of Texas.

Trylon products have also been successfully deployed within countless SCADA systems across North America and around the world. These include remote monitoring systems for oil and natural gas pipelines, water treatment facilities and electricity substations, as well as public safety applications for the Police, Fire and EMS.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and cost–effective, turnkey solutions for our customers and building strong, durable structures and networks.

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